I’m not losing weight, I’m getting rid of it. I have no intentions of finding it again.

Discipline is choosing what you want most versus what you want now.

Once I graduated college and started working I finally decided that I had had enough. My weight was really beginning to affect my self-image and confidence (not to mention I would change my outfit at least 5 times before finally deciding to just wear the one I started out with–I feel like us women are experts at that). So I convinced a friend of mine to join with me so that I would have someone to hold me accountable for going everyday. Well thankfully I developed the habit of going because she quit the gym a couple months after us going.

I slowly started seeing progress. More so inches than pounds at first. At first I was extremely frustrated because I would hop on the scale and wasn’t seeing hardly anything!


Can I get an amen?

There were two awesome things about joining that particular gym. The first thing was, that I finally started losing inches and pounds and really seeing results! The second and best thing was, that is where I  met my best friend, husband, & Italian stallion Billy. Most romantic place ever right? Ha! He had started working in the sales and marketing department a couple months after I had joined. (I like to make sure I tell people that because he always likes to joke and say I only came to the gym because he was there ha!) But it did give me another reason to go! 🙂


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